Ogdensburg Harbor Light

At the confluence of the Mighty St. Lawrence River and the Oswegatchie River stands the magnificent Ogdensburg Harbor Lighthouse.

First built in 1834, the lighthouse guided ships until 1961 when it was decommissioned.  Purchased by Thomas G. & Laurel B. Roethel in 1963 the family brought the badly neglected structure to life. 

Thomas & Laurel's son, Blair Roethel, moved into the lighthouse in the 1990's and made it a home for his three sons.  They have worked continuously keeping the building and grounds meticulously groomed.  It is the subject of hundreds of photos by locals.

In October of 2008, Blair's sisters Laurel Lee and Rhonda Roethel worked together to reestablish the light as a private aide to navigation.  After nearly 50 years the light finally shines again!